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In Our Image

Practical Training for Dedicated Actors

Career Coaching, Auditioning, Acting Techniques, Networking, Diction, Dialects, Accent Reduction, Confidence and Charisma. All levels of training welcome.

Single day and weekend intensive events teaching various skills with all levels of training for adults, teens, children and parents of young actors.

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In Our Image

Richard has been involved in the industry for over 35 years, having trained at New York Conservatories AMDA and The New School. He teaches a wide range of techniques including his own unique method, specializing in those that bring the actor to a greater awareness of their psycho-physical connection.

Richard guides actors to a natural, moment to moment, character reactive state. He has made his home in Georgia and is dedicated to growing our local market with trained and skilled craftspeople in front of and behind the camera.

Richard founded In Our Image in 2003 as a vessel to produce original content from local filmmakers as well as to train, advise and supply productions with knowledgeable, experienced actors and crew. In addition to classes and individual training, In Our Image offers help with the following areas of production: Grip and Electrical, Set Supplies, Wardrobe and Prop Rentals (HERE).

Our Actors


"If you want to know about my training, what I do, how I do it, and if it works ask those who have studied with me. I could have a mile of impressive credits but that doesn't make me a good coach. Not every actor can teach others effectively and get real results. The actors who study with me are a better way to judge my coaching.  Are they versatile? Are they believable? Do they get callbacks? Are they booking? Talk to them to know if you want to train with me."

     -Richard Hempton-

Piper Collins

East Coast Talent / Brilliant Talent Management

Tomorrow War,  Jungle Cruise

“Richard has been my coach for a few years now, and I feel like I have seen real improvements because of him. He has helped me learn how to break down a character in very specific ways that enhance my performances. Richard is also great at learning how to individually help his students because he takes the time to learn how they work and why, which I truly appreciate. It is obvious that he really cares about each of his students and the work that they are trying to pursue. ”



Carol Shaginaw

Talent Agent

Carol Shaginaw.jpg

"Richard Hempton selflessly shares his extensive knowledge and expertise with his students. He invests his time, effort, and energy deeply into their growth and development while providing the necessary tools to sustain their overall long term success in the entertainment industry. "

Jordan Blair Brown

Casting Director

Jordan Blair Brown.jpg

"I always find myself excited to see an actor when it says they train with Richard on their resume! Richard himself is a phenomenal working actor that I have had the pleasure to cast and I believe that transitions to his students. They are not only well trained in their craft but also in their work ethic and professionalism. Richard is a wonderful person and educator who's talent/students I continue to look forward to seeing in the room! " 

Shane Youngblood

"My son, Drew, started seeing Coach Richard for private lessons almost three years ago to assist with his speech and line delivery after being told he was talking too fast and running words together and would likely never be successful in acting until that issue was corrected.  Not only was Richard's work successful in eliminating those speech deficiencies, his work with Drew on script memorization, acting techniques, emotions, and the myriad other components of the craft of acting has enabled Drew to book multiple SAG projects and numerous independent works.  Richard coached and taped Drew for an audition in February this year that landed him his first guest-star roles on a network program.  

Beyond his invaluable coaching, Drew has developed a trust with Coach Richard and believes in his methods and senses the dedication he has to his students, even at a young age.  Students work hard in his classes, but for those dedicated to their craft, and that want to improve, it feels less like work and more like teacher and students sharing a love of self-improvement and learning all that they can about a shared passion.  His "homework" for Drew is always individualized - it isn't simply rote memorization or canned lessons.  The films that students watch all have a purpose and the script work is tailored to the current lesson/technique being studied. "

Mindy McQuaid

"Coach Richard has been working with my son, Jack, for 7 years now.  He’s coached Jack through private lessons and group classes. Through private lessons, Richard has helped Jack enunciate his words and speak clearly.  He’s also instilled crazy memorizing skills without Jack knowing it by using Procedural Memorization drills.  Having Richard's private coaching and audition taping has given Jack the personal attention he needs to supplement group classes.  Besides being funny, kind, and professional, my favorite thing about Richard is that he’s the biggest advocate for child actors and their all-around safety in the industry. Richard deeply cares about Jack's career and has become a trusted mentor." 

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