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Richard Hempton


I have a passion for teaching and helping others in the industry. I currently teach acting to youth and adults in Atlanta and internationally both in person and online. I am writing a book about my methods, which are very much “outside-in” techniques. I don’t buy into any technique or coach who asks an actor to self-flagellate by recalling trauma over and over again to pursue an emotion. It is not necessary for an actor to damage themselves mentally or physically to have an amazing performance. Actors are creators, we hone our skills and use different tools just like any other crafts person and our biggest tools are imagination and observation. If an actor feels they must recall some traumatic life event to create an honest performance then I highly suggest deeper study with someone else because that is torture and I want no part of it. The human mind is not built to live in conflict over and over again and remain healthy. My methods are based on choice-driven physical action backed by sense recall and imagination. With real-world observation and honest introspection, an actor can use their imagination to create truth in an imaginary moment.

I’ve been acting since the age of nine. I studied acting at New York conservatories and eventually found an interest in production work as well. I’ve worked on both sides of the camera for the better part of two decades here in Atlanta, New York, California, Michigan and abroad. I started In Our Image, in 2003 to help launch my ideas and professional work. I was one of the few fortunate people who knew from a very early age what I wanted to do. I want to tell stories whether it’s with light, direction or words and action. I love Film because it is so collaborative. You get so many different voices all working towards a common vision. I work a lot because I am always working. I never stop looking for new ways to get myself out there, to show what I can do and how I can help you reach your goals.


Jennifer James

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I have a passion for teaching children and young adults. Practicing your art can be, quite literally in some cases, a life-saving practice.  Working with Richard and his methods has only enhanced this belief. Artists and actors are creators, we hone our skills and use different tools just like any other crafts person. 

Nearly every human understands that low self-esteem and self-worth are part of what holds people back, but it is not generally understood by most how to actually build self-esteem and self-worth. However, in my experience as an artist and teacher, I have seen how the arts can aid in a student's confidence. The regular practice of vulnerability and creative decision-making creates new habits that follow them through life.

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