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Accent Modification

A person's accent can say a lot about their background.  People may sound different because they come from different parts of the country or because they come from another country. Every accent is different and in specific, every person's version of their accent is a bit different. You may be very proud of your accent. However, as an actor, accents can sometimes make it hard for casting directors and productions to see you as the character you are auditioning for. Unfortunately, they may focus more on your accent than on what you are doing. Most actors do wish to be able to "turn on" an American Standard Accent but continue to speak in their natural accent in their daily life. This is the goal of Coach Richard. Not to change natural speech but to teach the actor how to adjust their speech at will by making the actor more aware of the muscles used for the movement of speech, making them stronger and more limber.

These lessons are 1 on 1 private lessons (currently online via Zoom). 

Diction, Dialects, and Accent Modification coaching are only offered in 1-hour increments. A 12-week commitment is encouraged as that is the average time to show significant progress. 

Before beginning Dialects or accent reduction, the learner must book a 30-minute evaluation lesson

($30). That will be used to create a lesson plan and program customized for individual needs.


$60/hr billed per lesson or

"Four-packs" are offered for those looking for ongoing training.

Four 60 min lessons for $190

Diction, Dialects, and Accent Modification learners will have daily voice and speech exercises that will take 5 to 10 min a day. 

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