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Audition Feedback

Auditions are essentially job interviews, and the actor will not usually get any feedback. It is impossible for casting directors, every agent, or every manager to give feedback to every actor. If they did the entire casting wing of the industry would grind to a halt. It isn't feasible and in the end, it isn't necessary since most of the feedback the actor would get from the casting director would not be helpful. The actor could be too tall one week and too short the next. It always comes down to what the casting director, agent, or manager is looking for that day, and often the only feedback would be things completely out of the control of the actor.


However, for new actors notes on auditions can help with both performance and confidence. Sometimes a set of experienced eyes to give some notes on adjustments or changes before making that first impression with potential representation or casting is needed. Or if the actor is new to the Taped Audition and would like some feedback on how they are doing so far. When either is the case Coach Richard offers this service.

The actor submits the audition tape link with the request below. The actors are invoiced for $20. Once paid the actor will receive a video from the coach with detailed feedback on the submission within 48 hours. 

Audition Feedback

Please take the time to fill out the information below.

Accepted Video Sources:

  • Vimeo

  • Youtube

  • Dropbox (sharable)

  • WeTransfer

  • Hightail

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