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Directors & Actors

As the great Orson Welles once espoused, “..the problem with film is it comes in cans and ‘it ain’t exactly fresh, is it?”

A director must master the art of helping an actor find the immediacy and action that form the building blocks of the inner life of the character, a process that is crucial for audience engagement. Richard encourages Directors to reimagine their approaches to an actor’s performance, action, and language. Directors must rise to the challenge of both managing the conception of visual images as well as the interactions of their live performers, allowing performance to guide the implementation of their final vision.

Spontaneity is the touchstone of a modern filmmaker, who both stays true to their vision while maintaining flexibility in terms of the unique contributions of their actors. Many new directors fail due to a breakdown in their communication with their actors in the unique language of the actors’ own craft.

Learning how to communicate with actors in the language of their craft is an invaluable skill that elevates the process of filmmaking and allows both parties to achieve the combined effort that translates the director’s vision to the screen.

Richard teaches directors Kinesthetic skills, helps them to clarify their communication, and gives them the confidence to trust their own instincts to achieve the desired performance and improve their relationship with their actors. These skills create a collaborative atmosphere that allows the director to create visually compelling and engaging images from the bedrock of powerful dynamic performances in harmony with their vision. For the modern director, such techniques are a vital aspect of their visual on-set language.

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