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Representation Evaluation

The standard Representation evaluation has changed due to COVID 19 and is currently an online video call via Zoom.


Finding an Agent or Manager is not the first step in a successful start in the entertainment industry (it isn't even the fifth) and many seek representation before they are ready. This service was developed to help inform and guide actors (and parents of young actors) through the field of talent representation. It will help you decide if you are ready for representation and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. The coach will also teach the actor how to identify scams and choose agencies that may be a good fit.

You only get one first impression, make sure it's your best. This private 1 on 1 session is for those seeking or believe they are ready to begin looking for representation. It is a one-hour session where the actor (and parent if the actor is a minor) will answer questions from the coach, the coach will look at site links such as Actors Access, Headshots, Reel, and/or previously taped auditions and give notes and suggestions. The actor will then be asked to read a casting notice and answer questions about it and break down a script for audition.   The coach will then speak about managing expectations and the realities of the industry when it comes to representation. This evaluation is 1 hour and is $60.

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