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The Taped Audition

The Audition Arch

A powerful method to prepare quickly and effectively for taped or live Film & Television auditions developed and refined by Coach Richard for over a decade, it was created in response to one of the most frequent notes from casting directors about the lack of range in an audition.

The Audition Arch can be quickly and effectively applied to 5 lines or 5 pages. Actors will learn how to show the best range possible for every audition no matter the length.

Taught in a class (12 weeks) or 1 0n 1 private lessons (6 weeks).

The Taped Audition

The actor with a lasting and successful career is responsive to change not resistant to it. Our industry, for many reasons, began to lean towards virtual auditions years ago. More and more actors are being asked to self-tape for their first auditions and even callbacks are finding their way to the virtual sphere. Actors will see the Taped Audition become more prevalent because with Taped Auditions casting doesn’t have to limit the number of people they see. Now they can see 30 actors self-tape instead of 10 in person. This creates more opportunities for actors! In many cases, the self-tape you made one week will get you a shot to see the director the next. In-person auditions are not extinct. 
The Taped Audition training is an all-encompassing program to prepare the actor to deliver every tape like it’s being seen by Steven Spielberg. The actor will learn the technical side with advice on equipment and set up based on experience from film industry professionals, successful script breakdowns, casting director and representation expectations and pet peeves, as well as acting techniques specifically geared for successful auditions.

Actors will also learn how to avoid common pitfalls and the specifics of taped auditioning in regional markets and get to know the different acting styles for the shows that commonly cast there. Be more familiar with the preferences of local casting directors and agents. Learn the differences in film and television vs Commercial taped auditions. Perfect your Slate and tape with confidence! 
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